Public Enemy

I remember arguing with one of my mates in the late 80s who was better, Beastie  Boys or Public Enemy. We argued for a while I basically loved PE and felt they had a lot of heart, I like their art their noise and views. They were radical and had a lot of soul. Of course now I wouldn’t bother arguing because they are great groups but I never really felt Beasties like I felt PE. In 2000 I bought one of PE’s albums and once again I loved it, it was the craziest thing I heard going on about the economy and the end of everything it was nuts. I didn’t really listen to Hip Hop for years liking ambient and electronic artists but now I am all over PE again. The last ten years they have improved and become even better, they really do some great music and have a lot of opinions about current issues.

There is a lot of grass roots wisdom in PE which I feel really strongly about, I bought a couple of their new albums recently which I feel so at home with. They are a great outfit who are so expressive and artistic without losing sight of the everyday. I love a lot of my other music but it can get a little too academic but I am glad to see a group who have stayed positive and uplifting.

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