Had a paint

Had a paint yesterday, it was very hot and we were really exposed at the wall. It was all pretty quick, I trailed off into a 90s inspired work very colourful with a motif of a face centred and looking out from the wall. There are certain things I always seem to come back to. I constantly feel that I have done something like it before though there is no evidence to suggest I have but there are so many lost works. It is a little bit spooky and it doesn’t really fit in with stuff from today but at the same time it is very familiar and is a 90s staple. My canvas work seemed to attract one particular viewer that I was surprised to see. I won’t name names but he is a favourite artist of mine, it is his graffiti that I really enjoy haven’t seen his other work. I wish he liked my graffiti but I can understand why he probably doesn’t get into it, it isn’t resolved enough. It is a little bit too sentimental too but anyway I can’t help it and I wouldn’t want to do work like his or emulate it he really has a whole different way of seeing. He sees digitally whereas I see analogue, I see noise he sees crisp effects, the more I think about it the more I start to dislike it but I really do like what he does. The funny thing though was that my canvas work was pretty much like my other work, loose and all over the place, it was pretty crisp though and less analogue more digital as I couldn’t really overwork it due to the size and I found some solutions that I liked. I probably wouldn’t want to paint like that too much but all sorts of random stuff happens it is just seeking and finding.

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