Artists Statement

The computer itself is running Linux, a community developed
operating system free of corporate agendas. The computer
was found on the street in a council clean up discarded
potentially refused any chance of being reused. The
keyboard had slightly dislodged from the internal base
connection to the computer and I had to reconnect it. I
installed Linux and it has become something that I control.
The work itself is orchestrated through a script that
directs the computer to become a sufferer of delusions and
mania. I am the controller, the orchestrator of the
computers babbling, I even control the machines silences.
The idea of the machine is a classic case study in
schizophrenia, the sufferer sees themselves as being
controlled by a protagonist. What this piece reminds us is
there is always a protagonist and we must find our own
voice away from agendas. In some ways the computer is
designed to be controlled by the user but due to corporate
agendas we find ourselves being controlled by technology.

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