Keep your head up (your *&#$)

The show was supposed to be tomorrow night but the space was compromised by the authorities. It is unfortunate we live in such a one sided society in Sydney, the housing market has reached incredible peaks and is now in decline but the damage is done. For those who think they got something out of it think again. It may have been an income stream but you never really got that much in the long run because it has ended primarily. People jumped from place to place riding the cash flow but really you had little stability because you lost the choice to settle down and now the money has stopped flowing, are you truly happy? For the people at the tail end of it is even worse, now you are stuck with a small place and a massive mortgage. It is all about keeping your head up but it gets pretty difficult once the party ends, you have to come down again.

The issue is the space was safe, it was positive and provided opportunities for artists whereas Sydney has very few artist run spaces left that are affordable though there are some. It is all happening regionally now, that is where the cutting edge artists have gone and Sydney is a wannabe yuppy wasteland.

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