I went to Katoomba today and met the local electrician from Wentworth Falls, he was very informative and there was only one small job he could do today as we had limited access to other jobs. The weather is still mild and it is cold but not oppressively so. The painters didn’t get to the job I wanted done as they were sidetracked and I am expecting them back soon. 

I am going up Friday and I am starting to enjoy the commute up and back as it is a chance to read and I bring my laptop for any little work related activities. Tomorrow I want to go to Kmart and get some basic bedding, maybe get a magnetic knife rack. 

I am supposed to paint on Saturday and I am looking forward to it. I am also supposed to paint Sunday so I had better start drawing, although I have reference material that I need to print as drawing can sometimes be better when rested. It was funny. I was talking to my youngest and we were having a laugh about a pub that has a section that is separate for the gay crowd. I was like that sounds like apartheid or something as a joke and in a way it kind of has apartheid vibes.

It isn’t like anyone is actually policing it with a whip but I think the idea of inclusiveness is about making a separation? Is that what inclusiveness should be? We will be different together in different rooms, thank you, the management. It’s like the beekeepers convention being separate from the hardcore vegans. You can spend days on this stuff ruminating.

A few days ago I really wanted to listen to radio waves from space as I had tried to use my Dad’s old radio in Katoomba and it was just picking up static as I believe the old FM/AM radio signals have mostly gone digital now. So I was like now this radio is finally interesting and I want a comparison to the myriad of signals floating in space.

I managed to find a YouTube channel dedicated to the Jove probe that tracks radio waves from Jupiter to Earth from the probe. When I was listening Jupiter had gone behind the Sun so it was to my ear not much different when Jupiter had reappeared from behind the Sun. There were subtle differences, when I am in these moods I could listen to static all day.

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