Flossie logic

I suppose that even though with my prior post I am saying nothing changes it is just that your own position doesn’t change fundamentally and you hear about the other person’s move’s like you are in a chess game. I am also not saying we are in a massive chess game but layers and layers of games within whatever time and space we are allowed to operate on are in play.

Why Banksy got kudos is he played the game on his own terms and levelled up every time. I suppose my only complaint is and it is a fair complaint is that the games go on and the ‘subjects’ are also a way to level up. You need a ‘subject’ that has an array of logic that meets the level you want to conquer. Banksy can’t play God for example but he can have a god like will.

That god-like will is looking for the ladder, I see it up ahead, the Palestine guilt good deed deferral ladder is up ahead. I can only climb it if we build a hotel in Jerusalem. Someone says, “what about that guy in bilga who gets bashed?” There is a rustling sound as big bucks from other exploits are fished out, “what about him? We got things to do!”.  

Now I think you get it, it’s always the conquest that matters, not the solutions. If we just had solutions we would have nothing to do. Paradise is nice but it can still crush you with boredom. I mean bilga is a beautiful place if you don’t live there right. It is nice, the birds chirping, the sun shining. If you live there all you hear are the people arguing at night, the police sirens. 

Problems are our opportunities. Problems keep us getting out of bed. If we solved all of the problems we would have a Heaven on Earth. Heaven has a 100% unemployment rate, nobody needs to rustle through the coin jar to find money for the tolls. Oh now I see, sleep is for the dead right? Yet everyone is asleep in the game, those layers and layers. 

We are all making moves, even the wrong moves aren’t that bad on these lower levels. But all we can do is follow the logic, waiting for the next big moves from the big players. People are then why don’t you make some big moves? Why don’t I make big moves? Then you say what has changed? The real movers and shakers are the ones moving armies, military hardware, they also don’t care about the small stories.

The missiles don’t change direction because of a painting you made, once again the artist Banksy paints the missile launcher with the dick missile everyone goes bravo. Yet the missiles rain down, we can show defiance, we can make those moves and in the end history keeps getting written and then edited, re-edited and it comes down to who has the biggest military machine. 

We as artists hopefully don’t just become another brand within whichever layer of the market. Banksy though is like the Louis Vuitton brand that probably burns the stuff that doesn’t get collected to keep the prices high. I think I am more Kmart with those small stories about Flossie and her unplanned pregnancy. 

Yet I never wanted to buy into that logic. I suppose you do by being part of the system. In a way you can have a laugh about it though.

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