Big problems big opportunities

When you think of all of the people who hit those super successful highs, even if you compare your own life however average or above average or whatever there is always a body separating you. I met that young guy the other day who had all of those issues with bashings, drugs and the list goes on but all I can do in my position is moralise or think whatever but I am also separated by time and space.

I am operating in another time and space, the guys I know who are hitting those upper echelons are in another time and space. I suppose though what makes it look like I have anything to offer the guy getting bashed for example? I can’t do anything for him except bang on about my own position in time and space which means nothing. I suppose when I see Banksy’s super depressing work about those big issues like Palestine or whatever I see how he tries to bend time and space.

The Walled Off hotel is that example of bringing people into that world and using time and space as a way of creating what? It does open peoples minds right but it’s like that dude who gets bashed was saying how you can pay a homeless person to wear a hat with your tag on it and not be exploiting them? We are all using time and space to our advantage, how hard is it to change your reality? 

Take Sydney rent prices as a starting point, think about wherever you are and your age and means and then think how do you change your reality? I mean nobody is going to open their mansion in Point Piper to you unless you have the Sun shining out of your backside. Maybe if you are an attractive young person the doors might swing open but is it just about space and time? 

Bodies, age and bodily fluids, penetration? Penetration into Jerusalem with a hotel? Is that a way of changing the dynamic? Does anything actually change or is the guy who gets bashed all of the time just a punching bag because of where he is? The money he does or doesn’t have, the doors that will open for him, the doors that remain closed? Do I send him to Jerusalem and think he will be interested in the Walled Off Hotel or Banksy and his reach?

Look at the way aggregated digital content calls for your attention, you are just supposed to keep it moving, like never ending sound bites that never fully finish but you know the narrative. You don’t need to hear or see the full video, you don’t need to do anything but keep the content moving. With Banksy he at least wants you to think and that is the great part of the content but I always feel like you have that space time narrative that leads back to the Banksy non brand brand.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing better than what he has to offer but I feel like I am in this same narrative of separation from the people I would like to see rise from their own narrative. People always say it is just first world problems which it is but why can’t we deal with the system that creates the first world problems and the third world problems? I know it sounds so stupid and it is stupid but why can’t we just exist within our region and solve the problems here.

I guess in a way I am saying if you draw on a bigger narrative like Palestine, are you then mixing with the top shelf of problems that come out of the chains and chains of what seems laughable in comparison of problems that you need as a base for the chains of exploitation that is what Capital is founded on? Do you have to go to the top of the problem pyramid to have that pharaoh pyramid power?

You can’t worry about all of the people who are mental and screwed up on the lower levels because that is for social workers? You have to be the big name miracle worker instead? You just build this empire around time, space, bodies, issues, money, reach and you then can have a voice? At the end of the day what is anyone really doing for Palestine except making art about it? 

At least people are getting paid, the guy in the trenches of the housing commission is right, he doesn’t matter and so that is why the doors won’t open. Nobody cares, it is first world problems and the big players are saying look at Palestine, so where have we gone in all of this? Nowhere. Nobody really can be helped because we as the first world need bigger problems for bigger opportunities. 

The bigger the issues, the bigger the money, the bigger the disaster, the bigger the clean up bill. I can make money there, you make money here, the dude getting bashed is like an archetype of the lower level, there will always be dudes being bashed but all you can make out of that in comparison is a smaller story, smaller money, smaller opportunity. Basically the system is happy it is being of service to the bigger players. Somewhere there is a tax bill being paid.

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