Restraints, complaints and better days.

I feel a touch better today but I am still sick. I slept pretty well but kept having dreams about tagging which turned into an idea that every artwork I do has to be written on. I don’t know what the dream was getting at exactly, maybe every artwork needs an explanation or a piece of background writing.

I think mentally I am still creating visual art but I can’t get into the concept of showing the work. There doesn’t seem to be a place that my work fits that I am aware of. The weather has really cooled down in Sydney and today there has been a bit of wind but the sun is out and it is dry.

I don’t know if I will get out today but if I do I am going to get dumplings. It is still early so I might wait until the peak of the day to get out and grab some food. I need to do some shopping but I don’t know if anything will even be open as it is Easter Sunday. I am hoping the painters get through the job tomorrow and Tuesday.

I think I should be well again by Tuesday. I feel upset that I got sick because I was doing quite well before all the Covid garbage that went down. It has been a slog with garbage vaccines, garbage government policies and the Covid itself. It has been one never ending disaster that now is here to stay. I suppose I feel annoyed that I got stuck like everybody else.

It has been very stressful although I never thought I was stressed at the time, normally I got annoyed, I noticed though that Australia had a high number of cases. The same number as Vietnam for example but a lot less deaths in comparison which probably comes down to the hospital system I guess.

Of course people say the books have been cooked, this and that, I think a big stress like the past three years will have a toll no matter what and that can never really be understood in a purely logical way. Maybe I am just feeling that weight and I couldn’t have avoided it either way.

I still think the vaccine was rubbish though, I had a really bad time on it and there is no way I am getting a booster or going near that stuff again. Call me melodramatic but it was probably the worst experience I have ever had and it dragged on for eight weeks. I am not saying don’t take it, just understand that I won’t take it.

For all the manipulative you’re all going to die vibes that went down from both different camps, you guys are the reason I dropped that mentally deranged factory of doom Visage Book. You can all wallow in its sea of negativity and I hope the platform disappears as soon as possible.

Otherwise I am enjoying a great Jasmine tea and my mind is slowly clearing, I got a lot done this week considering. My youngest who was initially sick with the flu for the week is out and about again seeing her brother and Mum. If I was just a little bit better I would have gone with her but dumplings and rest are calling.

With all of my complaints just remember that I am truly glad to be still here after the pandemic and things like this are bigger than you or I so lets stay focused on constructive ends. I am glad my Mum is still kicking on, my cat is providing cuddles, overall I am feeling better than yesterday and I got dumplings to get.

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