Inefficient commercial systems

I have been using Linux systems since the late 90s and own many computers compared to most people. I will typically have at least one US corporate-owned system just so I am aware of the commercial market and can access industry-standard software if I need to.

A lot of the industry-standard software requires heavy lifting or grunt from a typical system. The sheer inefficiencies built into the system are telling. People are happier shelling out for grunt over an efficient system and you could say the same thing about vehicles for example.

Everyone knows that open-source systems are normally more efficient and better designed but the standards are built around the vendors and they are corporate entities, more focused on profits than helping communities for example.

When I was quite young, going into my teenage years my Mum had an abusive alcoholic boyfriend and the stress of being abused and yelled at every night sent me out wandering the streets just to have some peace of mind.

The problem with the streets is there really is no peace on the streets at night, that’s if other kids in the same boat are out and about as well. I was listening to Taven talking about his younger years and I could relate to having an abusive and unstable home life.

Taven was right when he said that PSK was not as heavily into crime as RBS, I think the PSK guys that were rorting ran their operation on a small business level. They just got a lot of designer goods for their customers who were around the eastern suburbs.

The thing with the PSK guys is some were operating their business model for a few decades at least and some had become addicted to drugs so they just rorted to stay alive and have cash flow. They were never massive operations on the scale of RBS but a few smaller operations.

I was never interested in any of that stuff, I actually came to hate the system from a young age. I felt like a rat in a cage and by the time I was seventeen renounced worldly goods and tried to be more spiritual in a system designed to enslave you.

That’s why I naturally came to use Linux systems because they focused on the community, there are of course companies involved but due to the GPL licence, they have to give the changes they make back to the core project.

MacOS, for example, uses a similar system to Linux which is BSD but the licencing is different and companies don’t have to share their changes or intellectual property. So Apple can operate without providing the community with any changes.

Linux is basically a clone of UNIX and BSD is a real UNIX OS, if you look at the history of UNIX it was a commercial project with many players and so for me, the UNIX clone ends up being the better project because all you need is the right hardware and you get to escape the systems that are designed to be inefficient and give nothing back.

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