Sun Ra

I am excited to hear of the premiere of ‘Hello Dankness’ by Soda Jerk in Adelaide, hopefully, it comes to Sydney soon or Vimeo and I can rent it. I was just getting over an infection after a mild cold which was strange and unexpected. I was working long days and getting worse until my boss gave me a day off. I feel a lot better today but need to take it easy. My sister and brother-in-law have been very supportive and are helping me get things started in Katoomba. It has been a source of frustration and if all goes well maybe in two weeks some of the pressure will ease. 

I need to do some admin then I might head out into the sunshine which has been rare with all of the rain that comes and goes these days. I have been obsessed with Soda Jerk’s work and I keep rewatching a lot of their videos. It is the way they show Sun Ra and his great influence on intellectual thought and music. I did a portrait of Sun Ra a few years ago and some idiot sprayed eyes into his face which I documented but I was unconcerned because I had good documentation of the finished wall. I bought an e-book of Sun Ra a few years back as well and found it very interesting.

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