Australian artists

When I left art school I worked on some studio work in a room at my grandparent’s boarding home. I lived and worked there, it was small so I mainly worked on small artworks. I think being inside a lot of the time drove me a little crazy, I liked being outside. When I started a family with my ex-partner who is an artist I gave her the spare room and I really felt that aerosol art had so much potential for exploration that I could etch out my own career through walls and documentation. At the end of the day working outside was just a bigger canvas, when seen through a camera lens it suddenly shrunk down to a small moment in time. It was a document and that was the artwork after the fact.

I have tried to explore art and its ability to create illusions, and allusions and open a door into my own visual world. At the same time, I have had to borrow so much from many other artists, as well as the online and offline worlds. It is so great to get onto Australian artists (@australian.artists) on Instagram, Matthew Kentmann is a brave soul to put me onto his takeover.

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