Many big-name public figures who support First Nations people will in the same breath support the underlying colonial and imperialist ambitions pursued by Western nations for the past twenty years and historically a few hundred years. Our militaries will be busy shitting on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and any other impoverished countries as they did historically to India, China and so many others. The mechanics that disempowered First Nations people are then allowed to keep their primary ambition of disempowering other nations like Russia that are simply doing what our own governments have been busy doing for over twenty years, not to mention the historical accounts on record.

They only criticise to help their cause of disempowering nations like China or Russia which is exactly what they did to First Nations peoples in the name of progress, democracy, freedom, civilisation or whatever claptrap they can muster. All the while the supposed do-gooders keep feeding the machine that caused all of the problems in the first place. I don’t feel that Australia will ever get beyond being a colony unless it looks inward rather than being the critic of what it would rather have control of what is outside of itself. If we keep trying to beautify what is only a veil with platitudes we will never see the ugly truth of our true ambition. That is to assimilate, criticise, dehumanise and control what is outside of ourselves, the problem with this is we potentially lose control of ourselves. We miss the opportunity to live in harmony in our own nation and ultimately the world.

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