Dream yourself awake

It is a new day and I slept through most of it, I fell into the deepest sleep and had a lot of dreams. In one dream I was wandering around doing graffiti and then I met a lady from my school years who had become the biggest name in contemporary art and graffiti. She got her name up and most of her work was about human reproduction. I realised that art was a lottery and you never really knew who would blow up, I was happy for her and glad I didn’t have the pressure of tours and galleries. All I wanted to do was paint a wall somewhere and enjoy the process. I think the key difference between me and her was she was right into popular culture and contemporary culture whereas I wasn’t. She also got her work up on the streets and I wasn’t interested in that either.

I enjoyed hanging out with her though and there was no rivalry, we spoke about graffiti and art, I had to get to a few places while I was hanging out with her and some friends. It was actually a bit hectic and I was more concerned if I had a good jacket in my luggage as it was a little cold. There was a lot more going on in the dream that I can barely remember, I think my ex-partner made an appearance at one stage and some old school friends. The good part of all the travelling around was there were plenty of parties and people having a good time. I kept visiting spray paint stores and shopping for cans, there were also some properties I owned that I needed to do some maintenance on. It was a busy multifaceted dream that is for sure. 

I think I was glad that I didn’t need to hustle and could just go about my business managing my own affairs and painting when I felt like it. It sounds like my life right now. Also, this big-name artist wanted to at least be seen with me and hang out. I enjoyed it. It was a fun dream.

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