I have been working on an oil stick artwork on paper and I think I am going to have to wait about two weeks for the iridescent silver to dry. I put a mark on my calendar when to revisit it, the great thing about oil paint is the finish, it has excellent coverage and depth. I may have to spend my time drawing for the next few weeks, I was thinking of staying home for the long weekend. It doesn’t feel like the right time to be out painting walls but I may aim for next weekend. I really want to explore creative ideas but need time to research and find things worth exploring.

It feels like time to eat at home, the weather is all over the place with rain on and off, I was going to go to Qigong but I reckon I will get an early night and try to stay indoors on Sunday. Maybe Monday I will venture out, (after a few hours break from writing) a friend dropped by and we had a chat in the early evening then I did a short Qigong session. I haven’t talked much about my Dad since he passed away, there was that Shakespearian moment when my Dad passed on and we went through his belongings. Much of what my Dad owned was old decrepit furniture, he had a tin with family and personal mementoes that we kept. 

I felt like we were taking down the stage set that Dad had built up for the movie that was his life, of course, it wasn’t a drama but at times it was. I miss him and it is almost a year since he passed away, he loved walking the streets and if he liked writing his name he could have become a decent graffiti writer. He knew all of the people doing it hard and people from the community. He was difficult but a very helpful person who always helped his family by giving them a roof over their head. It is still hard to believe he has moved on but he had some pretty big difficulties in the last few years of his life. Hopefully, his energy is in a good place.

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