Chinese response

Maybe technology can do the thinking for us, some of the stuff you hear makes you wonder what is up with people. People say how strict China is with Covid like that is a bad thing when what they are really doing is saving millions of Chinese people’s lives. Think about a country with such a large population and two per cent of the population is millions of people, from my own calculation it is around the whole population of Australia that could potentially die. People though only care about themselves and want to travel, all the while talking rubbish about the Chinese response without giving any thought to the real issues.

When you mention this people will assume you are some kind of unpatriotic type who is worth poking fun at when really you are just using some very basic intelligence free of conditioned and culturally curated ideology. All of this anti-thinking posing as freedom is pretty tiresome and I can only hope people will wake up and learn to use their faculties without the social pressures. The only reason I make these points is that really it is unacceptable and frowned upon to talk about China so I will always make a point to talk about China because it will get a rise and it gets under people’s skin. If nobody cares I don’t mention it, it is like a colonial litmus test that gets people in Australia every time.

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