Terror Nullius

The screening of the movie Terror Nullius was great, I enjoyed it. What I love about it is how it breaks every taboo and was funded by an Australian government that ended up banning it. It is a revenge comedy and takes the piss out of a lot of Australian iconographic figures through iconographic films. It lampoons some of the big names in Australian politics, film and television all through the pastiche of many popular films. It is brilliant, it manages to employ gay sex scenes with humour, and it dramatises conservative positions and attitudes toward indigenous peoples and sexuality. Some of the films that were all about the loneliness and emptiness of Australia have indigenous people walking around as though they were not even there which gets the point home of the colonial paradigm inherent in Australian film and television. Soda Jerk are masters of video piracy probably making them the arbiters of all things film and video. The number of movies people watch in a lifetime was embodied in the work by Sean Cordiero and Clare Healy some years ago as a monument of VHS tapes yet Soda Jerk has watched so much more and brought it into a split reality of interwoven narratives that tell a story people need to see.

The funny thing is most people have seen some part of this interwoven narrative through the original lens but never thought about the connections. I suppose that is what artists do, the way so many different films and footage and sound recordings come together to tell a story about Australia that most people want to avoid and a government was keen to ban. Shows how it is probably the most important piece of documentation of the past twenty years. I really don’t think I have seen anything nearly as accurate and straight to the point about Australian culture.

Sampling is such an interesting pastime for any artist, marketing, advertising, film, something of the film Noqoyqatsi and the whole film series in a way. 

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