Busy time of year

I have been working long hours but got to take a day off either Wednesday or Thursday. Then my youngest mentioned a controversial film ‘Terror Nulius’ screening that I wanted to see but missed initial screenings. So I skipped painting and chose the day to see the film because it is hard to see as it is an art movie. I am going to do some cleaning then have a shower and head off to do a few chores before going to the city and then go to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the screening. Later I am meeting some friends at an art space slash living space in Alexandria to catch up.

I have been working on paper which has been enjoyable and interesting, I found a great art store at the Rocks near the harbour. It is such a treasure trove of materials, I bought a bunch of oil sticks and started a new work. At this stage, my new work on paper is going to take a few weeks to dry between coats and I love seeing the expressive work progressing. I get inspired by things I come across and yesterday my boss gave me a lift home and we went past Will Cooke’s massive mural in Kings Cross which was coated using the paint we sell. It was such an inspiring moment to see it, I am sure many people have been inspired by this beautiful work.

I also went past a smashed road sign that looked beautiful and like a glitch artwork, I thought I could use it as inspiration for a wall work in the next few weeks. Lots of inspiration and excitement, the energy has been a bit heavy though the past few days and I have felt tired. I listened to my body and ensured a good night’s sleep. Today will be a little bit of rest during a pretty busy time of year.

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