Working under pressure or being creative?

I don’t know why everything has to be about straight lines and clean lines but it is more about control. Is it something to do with effort and skill? Well yes, it is but maybe too that is where control and awareness come in. I was rushing my graffiti piece with the weather and I noticed a wobbly line and thought I would leave it as at the time the overall work was clean besides this one line. Now when I look at the photos it bugs me. To be honest, nobody has actually noticed it from the photos but I suppose the lesson learnt is, don’t rush too much and make sure you take care to fix those little parts that are not quite right. 

I suppose in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter and the part where the wobbly line was wasn’t a key part of the work so I suppose I made the decision correctly. Although I get annoyed at graffiti standards, everything has to be so clean and crisp. It bugs me no end and I don’t like to think that I have to play the same game everyone else is playing. It all really depends on the design and overall aims of the work, a few graffiti artists make sure everything is very refined. I don’t subscribe to that but I don’t want to rush work and miss things either or let things be as they are too much.

I might just take a break from rushing things, I was so desperate to paint because of work pressure and time pressure, not to forget weather pressures. I think the work I did the night before was ok but I only got night shots but they were quite good shots. I might just take some time to draw and put in the work and try to avoid typical graffiti work. What was in my head was how would I go under pressure painting these days? For example if I was to do an illegal, could I remain creative under pressure? What I realised is I have gone beyond those issues into different territory. I need time and good weather, I need creative designs and creative ideas, I need to forget about those old issues and enjoy being creative.

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