listening in

People will say a Chinese company is selling a phone that is full of spyware and I imagine a whole bunch of officious Chinese people sitting through people’s boring cat videos and mindless junk they entertain themselves with on their phones. Why do people think their boring lives are so important that a foreign nation will seek intelligence from average Western people’s phones? There is actually nothing worth spying on, maybe if you were a diplomat, military official or someone worth spying on then it is worth the effort.

At the end of the day, the media and a lot of journalists are well-to-do types who are educated and have a job to sell drivel to the masses. With the atomisation of reality from our pixilated digital world, we have become so hungry for attention that we are borderline paranoid that we can believe these stories and not even question them. Pointillism was a reaction to the industrial reality of nineteenth-century Europe where reality becomes a shimmering atomised mass.

Today we have the same effect of pointillism although with the pixilated digital reality we inhabit our reaction to this world is full of fear and wonder. We are overwhelmed with a new world and it seems to break apart in so many ways yet this is simply the atomisation or pixilated reality we inhabit. It is unstable, shifting and breaking reality into smaller and smaller factions and fractions.

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