A gun called opulent

I rushed around to paint some walls, I did a short piece Saturday evening simply to get out to a wall near a drain. Sunday morning I went out and rushed another work just to feel like I could still do something if I wanted to. Saturday was meant to be an early afternoon paint but there were delays and it took a while to get to the wall. We just managed to finish as the light faded and it wasn’t too bad. Sunday I really dropped the ball with technique and finish but I was rushing and the weather was ready to turn any minute. On Sunday afternoon the rain came down and my youngest and I went to China Town Country Club to have some tea in the city. It was opulent but affordable, then I did some QiGong for an hour at home to wind down and had an early night.

I had some strange dreams, I have been quite generous lately and I think my dream was telling me to tone it down. My youngest suddenly turned into my cat or I think they did but I am not quite sure they had an injured leg and told me I had shot a gun above my head called ‘opulent’ and I was a little crazy in the dream. It was almost like a fever dream but not quite and I woke up and I remembered the dream and jotted down the note a ‘gun called opulent’. The dream makes sense to me in that I don’t like flashy things, going and getting the tea was a bit flashy and it is a wealthy environment but it was quite cheap compared to some upmarket tea houses. Although I find that they don’t specialise in tea but have high-end coffee and other alternative beverages.

There are so many companies making wonderful clothing that is quite affordable but the problem I have is I already have quite a lot of good clothes and I like to wear things that I really like. I don’t want to bend to the latest fashions and the issue is where to put things, also if you decide to fork out on better storage can you get what you want without it turning into a money-burning session? I think the gun really is called opulent. Dreams can be very telling.

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