Ubuntu 22.04 bugs

I installed the latest version of Ubuntu (22.04) which isn’t recommended as you should wait for the first point release. I have been reading about all of the bugs in it and some people’s scathing attacks on all of the bugs and Ubuntu Linux. There is probably a month (August) until the first point release but I can say that after going back to Xorg from Wayland (windowing systems) all of the bugs I had disappeared and now it is quite stable. I am running three computers with 22.04 and they are all behaving very well since I disabled Wayland. My laptop was affected quite badly by Wayland, it would freeze and the desktop icons would disappear and I could only do a hard shutdown. The other two computers were not as affected but I changed the windowing system anyway.

The only reason I upgraded early was that I bought a new mid-range laptop and it needed a newer system for the new hardware it sports. I wasn’t happy to experience the bugs but I also didn’t realise that Wayland was the default option until I went looking at all of the bug reports and complaints. Changing it is very easy and I like the way Ubuntu can still be configured much like most Linux systems.  I enjoyed seeing the scathing reviews and the anti-Linux brigade chiming in as well. It is good to see people still getting passionate about technology. In my opinion, technology is a bit boring these days, which isn’t a bad thing, to be honest. There are so many DIY choices as well with the Raspberry Pi and the many competitors. 

In the end, I am glad I found the main reason for the bugs I had in Ubuntu and hopefully I will get inspired and make something new. Today I made a digital painting in a lo-fi style. Last year was a very creative year with quite a few digital videos. That was mostly about field studies and getting some great audio and also ironically working with bugs in digital sound and video. You can’t force it though. Some things just happen and it depends on whether you are tuned in. 

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