Reading, goings-on early July

I currently have a few books to read, I bought a book which was delivered promptly called “What my Angel Sees” by Rachel Hill, a blogger on WordPress. I am enjoying it, I was surprised how cheap it was to buy and get delivered by Amazon. Some books I have gotten have cost a fortune but I have wanted to show support.  Today  I was supposed to meet a couple of friends and walk around the city but one friend broke his toe and the other is trying to work around some family commitments.

For the past months and weeks, I seem to be surrounded by people with the Flu. People keep getting the Flu after only two weeks of recovery from the first Flu. So far I haven’t been sick, although I felt a bit run down for a day. One day I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with Flu symptoms but then less than ten minutes later they disappeared and I was fine. This has happened when I have been in Covid hotspots or worked with someone who had Covid, I would wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and then ten minutes later it would disappear.

I do a few QiGong moves for the lymphatic system and others, especially for the Flu but I don’t take anything for granted and can’t say that they are why I haven’t been sick yet. The lungs in TCM are symbolically the colour white so it is thought white foods nourish the lungs. I tend to have a lot of radish in winter, adlay powder, mushrooms and some garlic. There is one move which is known as ‘opening the three iron gates’ which you can do five minutes every few days along with other moves. I mainly do it for my lower back but mostly do ‘Cloud hands’ as that gets right in some tight areas of my lower back.

I had been agonising over replacing some of my old file servers for quite a while and finally, I did it after months of thinking about it. It was lucky I did because some of the power cables were behind a cupboard that had damaged the cables and they were almost ready to fray. I now have a pile of old computers that need to be thrown out on the next clean-up. I will have to wipe data off most of them although I am tempted to play around with BSD systems on them before I do. I now have a file server that is also usable as a workstation so it makes working on files a lot easier from whatever computer I use as well as the file server so I am finally happy.

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