attitudes and expectations

I was in Woollahra today for work and I started noticing yuppie trophies (items that were once in real work situations, appropriated for decorative nostalgia) in a few cafes that made me realise that the reason fifty people turn up for a rental inspection of a room that can only hold a bed is the sad pseudo-reality we live in. Also, I find social media influencers inspiring but see how they can still reinforce unrealistic stereotypes and expectations. Not to forget small businesses that are inspiring but also seem to be holding events with harbour views that are out of reach to most of the population. I understand you need high standards to impress people and enhance the brand but what happens in reality? What you need in fact is to ignore reality at all costs although you can comment on reality and experience but why can’t people be happy without money and harbour views?

Is money really the answer to the world’s problems? Is image everything? Not to say I want people to see my bare almost fifty-year-old backside promoting underwear rather than a buff whole roast chicken-eating younger man, but where does it end? Also, these people that I am talking about have done more for other people than I ever have or ever will but I feel that reality and its pimply backside will never be seen again! Not that reality is all that great but why can’t reality at least be bearable and livable? Has it gotten so bad, with rents, house prices, debt, poverty, addiction and all the demands of life in Sydney that you have to be plastic fantastic, outstanding, extraordinary, in-demand and untouchable? 

Of course, even these influencers have demands on them and have to build the brand and have the right message which isn’t easy to pull off. I am more or less saying why can’t you just be ordinary or less than ordinary and not have to feel the demands of money, housing pressures, substance abuse or any other evil that can befall people? It is because now the demands from the over-inflated housing market which has been running hot for years along with inflation and all of the problems have come to a head where you literally can’t survive on a small amount of money anymore. This has nothing to do with influencers but nobody in their right mind will criticise the system that creates poverty when really they should. People should be criticising the system rather than people’s attitudes.

Of course, people’s attitudes can be very destructive but so can an out-of-control rental market and debt culture. So can a late-capitalist nightmare that knows no bounds and wants you to live in a tent while people peddle unrealistic lifestyles and criticise attitudes. We are probably in the best times for a bad attitude really. Although the best attitude isn’t just to say F to the system but to unify and cut down the pecking order. There are too many unrealistic expectations, how can we continue to live like this? To be honest we can no longer do it.

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