Early July 22

The exhibition with Randwick Council is happening later this month, with dates to be confirmed. Something that was talked about a few months ago in person at Tai Ji was how America has gone from world actor to world spectator. I was thinking about this because it has been harder to paint walls outside with the weather being unpredictable. So I have been more of a spectator than an actor regarding walls. Although the walls I have painted have been untouched and remain in public view. I was supposed to meet some friends today but the weather was horrendous last night and all I could think about was staying home and warm. 

I have a lot of second-hand computers that I have played around with for years as a hobby. I need to get rid of a few of them and maybe only keep what I need. Most of these computers have been backed up and are so old that they have no real purpose anymore. Some have damaged displays, that work but aren’t usable as a desktop but have been file servers for years. The thing is that the computers are so old that you can’t even give them away. I have a pile of laptops and an old iMac that are ready to be thrown out on the next council clean up, I don’t drive so I can’t get to a recycling centre but most of the old computers can fetch ten dollars or so per computer for people who collect junk on the street.

I have had the slowest start this morning and will have a shave and get out pretty soon. I will do a little shopping and get outside, currently, the weather has settled down a bit but it’s still miserable. I have a bit on next week with work so I will switch off today and probably grab a late lunch in the city.

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