Meeting old friends

I went to Qi Gong classes last night and it was a great session, then after it finished I went to Fatima’s restaurant for a takeaway feed. On the way home though I thought I had spotted two old school friends and lo and behold I had actually spotted two old school friends! They are brothers, one is in the Czech Republic and the other here in Sydney. They both have had children with the eldest brother having a young child and the youngest brother having an adult and teenager. The eldest brother may want to come back to Australia as he has been overseas for around fourteen years. I think Australia isn’t a particularly good option but you can manage here if you live on the outskirts of the main city like Sydney.

Beer in the Czech Republic is fifty cents whereas a beer in Sydney is seventeen dollars, but cheap beer is hard without your family around. It would be good if Australia stopped driving itself off the cliff politically, we want to beat America getting over the cliff first and the engine is running hot! We all stood outside the pub and had a pretty long talk about general goings-on and I didn’t sleep until around midnight. The strange thing is I saw them both around four years ago at another pub in Randwick and I think we are destined to meet up because we are all connected to Randwick from our younger years until today.

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