Gangster gangster

Australia is packed with artists and creatives, they are very undervalued to the point artists here wonder why they weren’t designing submarines or doing something useful rather than making art. It could be that there is a glut in the sheer number of artists but if you think about the housing crisis (aka housing boom) why did people suddenly feel impelled to make art of their own to decorate their overpriced homes when they could easily have tapped into this undervalued resource of artists? There were art fairs and commercial galleries that popped up left right and centre but it wasn’t really tapping into the diaspora of artists who I personally believe are greatly undervalued. It seemed people were more worried about saving a dollar with a crappy DIY solution that they eventually dumped on the street after they had moved houses twenty times following the market. 

I mean really what a life! Why wouldn’t you want to settle down with a decent art collection that you supported rather than move year after year putting down no roots and bringing nothing to any of the communities you passed through like a ghost. Well, that is what chasing money does, you are pretty much useless to any community you are in and of course supporting artists would mean spending money that you are greedily trying to grab. Now that most of the market has dried up or drying up people are left with DIY art collections that look like dried vomit on canvas and artists are still sitting around feeling like they are useless and probably contemplating suicide in a society that cares about nothing but dollars stacking up like a gangster rap album.

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