Second long weekend, ANZAC day weekend

I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney’s Circular Quay yesterday and saw more of the Bienalle as well as the Primavera artworks. I find art very motivating and I get ideas for my aerosol work. I will normally take photos and then do a drawing when I get home of an idea that popped into my head after seeing a certain work. The Bienalle is heavily focused on environmental issues this year and the works are like a window into Australian Indigenous views on the land we live on as well as the views of other Indigenous groups from around the world. The conservation of water is the main theme with videos from elders about waterways, water conservation is a real sticking point with the government leasing out waterways to companies. There are no water security measures in place in Australia even though we are the driest continent in the world. At the moment the coastlines are inundated with water but people forget that water doesn’t get inland. I am horrified by the current government and their dodgy corporate first position, yet I won’t bore you with invective. 

I went to the MCA’s bookstore and bought a book on ‘Shirt Kings pioneers of Hip Hop fashion’ which is a great collection of eighties Hip Hop entrepreneurship and art. I had to buy it as I knew it was a rarity and it is a great book showing the kind of Hip Hop art that I admire. I went online and looked for art by Titian last night and did some drawings from the works ‘Diana and Callisto’ and ‘Bacchus and Ariadne’. I plan on doing an acrylic study of ‘Diana and Callisto’ and I may see if I get it into ‘Blenheim House’ if that works out. When I was in art school, or it could have been just when I had finished I did a study of a Titian work in Gouache, I still have it and for some reason, I want to make another that I can hopefully store away or even show. Today is a public holiday and I may get to Barangaroo and see the last of the Bienalle. I was up fairly early with my cat rather excited that I was home and sticking her face in mine sniffing and carrying on.

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