Repertoire of exercises

I got my work times mixed up and I was up at 4.40 am to make it to work by 6 am. Although I thought work started at 6.30 am when it was 7 am. I spent forty minutes watching Qi Gong videos and exercising which was relaxing. I was too early for coffee shops then when work started I spent another twenty minutes doing more Qi Gong exercises after an early customer arrived. I have found a bunch of exercises that are great for the hips and lower back, there are a few others too that do shoulders, and ribs and I also did the eight brocade Qi Gong set which is excellent for the whole body. The YouTube channel I got all of this on is the ‘TCM healing center (American spelling)’ they are mainly focused on women’s health and fertility but the exercises are really for anybody. The exercises are a simple form of Qi Gong and I know similar moves to some that are a little more complex but sometimes doing some simple exercises hits the spot you need. They don’t have many videos but the ones they have are more than enough for people to either get started in Qi Gong or to go back and put in their repertoire of exercises.

I was wondering why good things get less airtime than bad things? Supposedly there are equal amounts of good and bad energy in the world. Yet people prefer the bad. An obvious example is gossip, a less obvious one is avoiding the good things on offer. The reason I mention it is Qi Gong is so positive and health-conscious yet it isn’t particularly sought after. That could be cultural although Qi Gong or more known as a Qi Gong style like Tai Ji is respected and everyone knows it is good. Yet that is the beauty of good things, they seem hidden away, they seem out of reach. I was talking to a friend about his spiritual experiences last weekend and I said to him that these things are always hidden from most people. They are meant to be hidden, if you tell people they will think you are mad, maybe they are right but most good things have a touch of madness to them. To most people the good things, whatever they may be are rare, yet others, see the good things everywhere. Of course, they are not always good, there is balance, and some can make the bad do good.

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