Long weekend

It was a long weekend for Easter and I found myself doing quite a lot of socialising which is strange for me. I almost feel like I should have had a full day of doing nothing at all. Friday I went street painting which has been put off for about two months due to the rain and I enjoyed it. Then a friend from Newcastle said he was heading into Sydney so I met him at my place with another friend and we had a traditional Chinese Pu’er tea session and then went out for dinner in China Town. I had to work Saturday with a staff member who is leaving for Queensland to be with family and her grandchild, it was a short day and we said our goodbyes hopefully to see each other again when I go on a trip to Queensland. I skipped Qi Gong classes and had a friend over for another tea session. 

Sunday I painted with two friends and I went out for late lunch with one friend and we went and sat by the harbour and had a spiritual talk. Everywhere was busy as all public transport is free for two weeks, so I was a little nervous but wore a mask in big crowds and managed to relax. Monday my friend and his daughter and my youngest went to the blue mountains, we were a little disorganised and didn’t get our train journeys synced up very well. We soldiered on though and found a lot of eateries were closed when we arrived which was a little tense but sorted when we agreed to find things we wanted separately. I dropped some art stuff off at my property and we went to echo point which is a real tourist trap. I managed to do some studies but it was hard with so many people around.

This coming weekend is also a long weekend but I have to work Saturday which is only a half-day. I am contemplating going back up the mountains Friday but if I do I want to spend Sunday and Monday relaxing. I will see how I feel on Thursday. I want to do aerosol work in my garage on Friday and see if I can go to the Narrow Neck lookout and do some drawing. It may be raining all weekend though so we will see, I will still be able to do work in my garage.

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