Self Sufficiency

I was speaking to a work friend the other day and we were talking about Yoga, Qi Gong and other practices. She mentioned she didn’t want to do Yoga on her own as she was worried she might be doing the move wrong. That is understandable, it made me realise how simple Qi Gong can be. It isn’t about the technique that matters as much as self-mastery, self-mastery is in doing the exercises and improving your condition. If your physical condition improves then your technique improves automatically. What that means is you don’t have to worry about technique or small details as they will come to you as you physically improve.

A Master of Qi Gong will need great physical condition, a great memory and will know the technique through their daily practice. It is good to see a Master for your initial training and ongoing adjustments but the real job is being self-sufficient. Qi Gong is all about self-sufficiency as it is about you getting control over yourself. I believe that is why even Masters will keep practising all of their lives as that job of self-mastery is ongoing and their condition is always improving. 

The issue I have is learning new moves, I watch YouTube videos sometimes and the moves are simple but only some stick in my mind. Repetition is good, I already know a lot of moves but watch YouTube for moves I haven’t tried yet. Qi Gong is very simple and there are a lot of exercises. My Master will sometimes introduce a motion for a certain season, the past two weeks I have stayed home and thrown on YouTube after I have done my main exercises.

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