Pacific storm clouds and a ray of light

The Australian federal election is looming and it will most likely go to the worst performing government in Australia’s history, or maybe I am just biased. It isn’t so much the government that is the problem but whom they serve, that isn’t the Australian people that is for sure. While the federal government was serving the coal lobby and giving no hope to Pacific Island nations in the climate summit, making the Prime Minister of Tonga shed tears at the heartlessness of it all what was really happening is only starting to show itself. With the Solomon Islands making closer ties with China we can only expect more Pacific Island nations to do the same. What choice do they really have?

Now Australia is starting to see what it has sown in the Pacific, all through its lack of leadership and care on one of the most important topics that Australia loves to ignore, yes climate change. Now America is back on board, but for how long? America is a basket case and will change at a whim. The Pacific needs more reliability and scope for serious change, nobody is up for the task and really this is just another sign that the West is over. It actually finished quite a while ago but nobody really could see it with the churning fog machine that has overcome any hope of getting out of this mess. Oh well, this is just where market capitalism goes.

The real blame needs to go to the people who have happily been more worried about their housing portfolio than real issues that affect the whole planet. It is too late to hug a tree the world is changed forever and all due to profiteering and chasing the dollar. A change of government probably won’t change anything but maybe someone can show some leadership and so far we know who doesn’t deliver. Yet self-interest trumps everything and hands the world over to multilateralism. 

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