Voyage of discovery

Sometimes people say that I am a bit of a mystery, I am never really around for example or socialising with other artists. Yet I pour my heart out on this blog and have for over a decade, yet nobody really looks for you because you want to be face to face. I suppose luckily I was in Canberra and hung out with artists for a few days. I spent some time a few years ago being part of the Cronulla festival. What I love is suddenly discovering an artist like Levi Hawken and then discovering he is a big fan of Zapgalaxy my collaborator and I think wow I hope I can get Levi’s attention when Zap posts his next wall with me. I need to lift my game although I am off socials and I can’t really compete with Zap I love trying.

I suppose that is another reason I got off socials as I get more interaction on other people’s profiles than my own, I collaborate and then they post and people get a face full of my work. My own socials were a place of constant confusion and that is what I love really. It is best to stick to your strengths and if I went back to socials it would be even more of a basket case than my last effort and I would just post the craziest stuff I could and keep bending minds. My own mind is like a piece of playdoh, it just changes shape every moment. I was glad to get some emails from Jefferson Mayday Mayday and see he has some Flickr action going on. 

I love Flickr and there are so many interesting artists making work on there. See his older profile on and newer profile on it is a great collection of art and photos. Also, go and support his Bandcamp, he also has older work on Spotify but Bandcamp is a far better way to support independent artists. I love the USB that I put my music on and listen to artists like Jefferson Mayday Mayday and I think his new album, which is named the symbols of the planets and sun ☉☿♀♁♂♃♄♅♆♇the other thing I get into with Bandcamp is that Goldies Metalheadz is on there. Jefferson’s new album is a journey across the solar system and it is best listened to from start to finish in my opinion to get into the feel. 

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