It is nice to do nothing much occasionally and relax, I still feel a bit conflicted with my art output. I am only being critical of it so I can hopefully improve and take it further. I have all of my plans slowly taking shape and they are going to be in action later in the year. It is a little frustrating having to wait but doing nothing much is also important just to think about your approach. I was supposed to paint a wall this Friday but a work colleague got Covid and now I am covering his shifts. Over the past two months, there has been constant rain every Friday and something more pressing has come up. Every Friday we say next Friday and it is fair to say we can’t really plan that far ahead with some activities. There is the goal of going to the mountains in two weeks though and I hope that actually happens because it can be an indoor activity if need be. A couple of small issues were fixed in the mountains recently which was a small victory in a way because it potentially saved a bit of money as well as help future work for trades.

If I were to really critical of my art-making I would note how sometimes a suggestion by another artist will give me a good solution that I never would have considered. An old friend who made a big impact in the art world said to me to stick to graffiti and I have done that but I find it hard to come up with solid solutions at times. I suppose at least I am not relying too much on formulated thinking but I probably should stick to formulas because it makes things a lot easier. When I do aerosol sometimes I barely think at all, I got into that state people call ‘flow’ and normally I have to find a pathway to follow to resolve the work and that happens to a formula that becomes apparent in the process. It can change quite a lot as the work progresses and I have a back catalogue of vague memories and experiences that make me feel like I am always repeating something from the past. It is hard to say because I can’t exactly recall any such work but it could have even been a dream and that is one of the difficult parts of having the mind I do.

Everything gets blended together and a part of my subconscious directs me to add this or not add that. I get directions where to put something, the colour, generally, when I am painting I am just listening to the directions. So that is maybe not a great thing but that is what happens and maybe my work is ‘fully cooked’ but it is pretty tasty at times.

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