I suppose something had to give this year, what a fast start to the year as well. Yet things are happening at a fairly slow pace so I can keep up, the things that need doing are slowly unfolding. At the same time, some things are happening quickly yet it isn’t crazy or out of control. Something that I am enjoying is practising some new Tai Ji movements, I also learned new Xing Yi movements as well. Both styles are quite different to each other yet they compliment each other. Something that I missed is doing moves in a sequence, normally we will learn individual movements and that has been the case for a while. I think learning some short-form sequences makes the practice feel more interesting. It also lets you think about individual moves and how they flow into other moves. I am still working on my back a lot, trying to improve my posture in the form. Some moves require a lot of body awareness, I can focus my awareness yet it changes depending on what comes to mind. For example, it could be my shoulders, knees, neck or a part of my back. If there is a blockage I can normally work on it. If I get stumped I will bring it up with my trainer. Sometimes I wait to see if I can figure it out, some things are seasonal and will come up at some point in that season.

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