Surface Festival coming up

Work has been a bit more exciting lately, there is a big festival coming up in Canberra with a lot of artists involved. The company I work for (Resene Paints) is supplying the paint and sponsoring the festival (The Surface Festival) along with a few other sponsors. I am going down with work colleagues to be at the festival and we will have a booth for people to learn about our brand and our involvement with supplying paint for mural art. I was offered to paint at the festival but thought that it would be better just to meet people and see the artists at work. I haven’t been out of Sydney for an overnight stay somewhere since I went to China in 2019, my cat, which is a great companion keeps me chained to home. I get out on day trips mostly, my youngest will feed the cat and I will pay this young adult a grateful wage for this service.

I went and painted a wall recently, just something small, after this effort we all went for Ramen at a Japanese restaurant in Kingsford. One of my painting peers has a Japanese wife who loves this particular restaurant, they serve a lot of pork dishes but have some chicken dishes as well. It was pricey but very good, I would go there again, most likely when the next wall is painted. I had better get to bed soon and do the pre-evening cat food and bins clean up. Summer is still a few weeks away from ending, though you get a little bit of a chill in the air which sits perfectly with the agricultural calendar of the 24 seasons. You have to look at the calendar to suit the Northern aspect of the nine chambers, which for us is the south due to our position. 

I have never come across the 24 seasons mapped onto the nine chambers so I had to make a document myself and I have it on my sunroom wall. I am sure they are around but probably all in Chinese. I should learn Chinese but I do recognise some of the characters but haven’t memorised all of them on the season chart.  

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