Left behind ahead of time

It is the 28th of December and I am not doing any more aerosol art until the new year. It has been a year of stops and starts. Long lockdowns and difficult working conditions with the new normal. I was supposed to do some aerosol work today but the weather is a bit dicey, there is rain expected. Also, we decided to take it easy and wait. I feel connected to my practice, I feel like everything I have worked on over decades has come together into a cohesive work standard. There were approaches I had in the early nineties that never made sense at the time but make perfect sense now. Maybe deep in my subconscious, there was a plan all along. Or possibly your outlook towards art is something that slowly grows over a long time into an approach that is original and matures. It seems strange to think of something like aerosol art being a full artistic approach. I always wanted aerosol art to be taken seriously as an artform but the low level that aerosol art prides itself on with the general immaturity has still managed to let some approaches flower into something unique across the world. I feel like it is younger artists who have found the answers. A lot of the older practitioners of aerosol art abandoned the practice for other mediums. I hope I can make the medium itself, the way younger artists have into something sought after and lasting. Of course, the artform can only live on in documentation.

At the same time, my age and experience are more of a setback than a positive, yet I can make work and be part of the current output of aerosol art. Even if it is only a small contribution on my part, the practice that I have is more than just the work of some small-minded man child. I do make myself laugh. I used to be ahead of my time, maybe now the rest of the world has caught up and will leave me behind. It doesn’t really bother me, as long as people are being creative, that is all you can ask for.

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