Spreading like wildfire

Covid is spreading like wildfire at the moment in Sydney. My youngest has it and her brother and mother just got over it. So far I haven’t been in direct contact with anyone who has it to my knowledge anyway. I am back at work in a few days for some short shifts up until New Year’s Eve. Then I have some holidays. My youngest has to stay isolated for at least twelve days. I bought a stout beer that I really wanted her to try. Let us see what the next few weeks bring and hope everyone recovers. I heard of another friend on the south coast who fell ill recently only in the past few days and it is probably Covid but nobody knows just yet.

My best friend who is Romanian said all of his family in Romania got Covid and they all recovered thankfully. I have been pretty low key and just doing the bare minimum in terms of socialising and shopping. I had to buy some aerosol spray today in Surry Hills and there was a queue. Mostly for other paraphernalia than spray cans. This place sells American junk food, bongs, and all sorts of synthetic stuff that I don’t even know what it is and I don’t want to know. People line up for that stuff, they even sell American cereal which looks like a massive sugar hit. Spray cans are only a small amount of their business. The stuff in the place is actually legal.

It is really strange going in there and the place is popular. So of course I am paranoid of Covid but they do limit numbers inside. They stock a good range of spray cans but they don’t cater to everyone. I think their approach is to have low, medium and high-end cans so they cover the basics but if you are really fussy about spray it may seem a little limited. I mostly use the medium range of spray because it does what I want now. In the past, I only used the high-end spray. I don’t know how anyone is going to stay Covid free at the moment but let us see how things go.

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