Hidden agendas

Art has a unique place in society, in that even if the majority of people are repulsed by it or are not even aware of its existence, it is placed in a collection, stored, catalogued, collected and kept in almost secrecy. A lot of art adorns the walls of private collectors more so than galleries. The work could be controversial, only documented in one or two books and be sitting in a private collection like a trophy. Most art is unknown. I have seen art in galleries, or documentation in books but the sheer volume of work is beyond most peoples imaginations and attention spans. Not to forget that the work may be relatively unknown to anybody except a few collectors and art dealers.

Keeping that in mind, sometimes artists or the general public will call out the exclusive nature of art as a threat, or a spectre that sexualises and fantasises in a world of private fetishes. When we come across sexual imagery in the art that is as explained earlier not well documented or well known but collected and catalogued you could agree that art is something dark and twisted. Take for example the work from 1936 by Hans Bellmer called “the Doll”, you can google it if you want as I won’t put the work on my blog, (https://www.wikiart.org/en/hans-bellmer/the-doll-1936) link provided. This work is pretty tame to work that gets produced in art.

Is art a threat or simply a mirror of what lies within humanity? Take for example the dark web or other expressions of information technology. People will talk of the rich elites for example drinking blood or killing minors in rituals. All expressions of death and sex are mostly unwanted by most people as these things are threatening and disturbing. Does art go that far in all respects? Does art cross the line of what is acceptable in what we would consider a safe and humane society? Is art the problem or is the human condition the problem? In Australia, for example, people in the public accused Bill Henson the photographer of sexualising minors.

Is art complicit in the killing, maiming, raping of innocent people? Is art an occult, a death cult or complicit in acts of violence? Is it the twisted fantasy of the wealthy, is “The Doll” by Hans Bellmer a sign of arts complicity in unimaginable acts against the innocent? Artists have been known to be perverts yet so have people from all walks of life. That in itself is unfortunate but highlights the human condition. Maybe art is the shadow of the human condition, both light and dark, saviour and spectre. Thankfully most of what goes in the darkness of humanity are hidden, collected and catalogued yet never seen by the general public. Art is the shadow at times but the real beast doesn’t show its face.

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