Rubber bullets: A poem

Segregate them

Beat them

Rubber bullets

Media blackout

Keep them caged

No rights just survival

Beat them down

Put a knee in

Ban the media

Black live stream

Melbourne hot spot 

Hot skin searing

Weaponise your response

Hooligans I can knee in the head

In Sydney, beat onlookers

Enjoy my knee to your head

Enjoy being held down 

Enjoy segregation

Violence begets violence

The most violent must win in the end

I will beat you black and blue

Blue lights know your rights

Beat them down again and again

They aren’t even human

They are caged animals

Ice caps melting

No water no life

Believe in religion fix this stuff

Science you know science

Commit carbon driving

Knockdown this building and concrete it

Knock it down

Don’t leave it alone

Knock it down

It is a dangerous world

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