Thinking time

I tend to be quite honest and frank about most subjects I bring up on this blog. What I find this blog helps with is stopping me from running my mouth when I meet people. For example, someone might have an opinion I don’t agree with and I can let it slide because I have already explored it on my blog. Sometimes the conversation is too complex to talk about in a casual setting anyway. People say all sorts of things in passing and even when a friend brings up a loaded subject rather than try and bring up another point of view my mind will turn to my blog and I will think of the pains I went to talk about the same subject and I just ignore it. Also, there is a lot I don’t talk about. What writing has helped me understand is that I can barely scratch the surface of a subject let alone sit around trying to argue a point or change someone’s mind about some subject or another. It isn’t just that I don’t care about what people think, I just don’t really want to push my ideas onto people. Maybe years before I spent so much writing I would try and talk about certain subjects and get into debates but it really is a waste of time. I don’t think I have ever been able to change someone’s mind. Maybe they saw my point and were like yeah sure but everyone has different habits. For example, if you were to watch a certain news channel or get your news from a certain platform how can I compete with that? I am not running some million-dollar communication business. I am just some guy with some opinions running a blog and doing some art that only a handful of people see.

Generally writing is very helpful. It also lets you realise your own limitations. The only reason I try and write is to expand my own small bubble. I am amazed at poets and writers who seem to open an entire world and you feel during the reading of some poetry and writing that there are no limits. That is good writing. I just keep trying. Yet I have expanded my own inner world. I think I touch on that in my dreams mostly. Most importantly it has made me less ready to argue when I meet people. Sometimes I will talk to some people and then that evening I will explore the ideas in writing rather than at the time. It gives me time to think about what was covered and I also avoid any type of confrontation at the time. Of course, it will depend on the subject at hand whether I pursue it then and there or wait. Mostly I like to have time to think about my responses.

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