fences, barriers, art and ink

I was saying how I had had a big week at work. The timing was perfect, as soon as I got paid one of my Dad’s big bills came in and the money that I earned went straight out of my account. It is funny how things can work out like that. If I hadn’t had a big week at work I might have found myself a bit stuck. I had a dream about graffiti last night. Risote and some of his friends were augmenting different parts of the environment that was creative yet also akin to vandalism. It is hard to describe but imagine a gridded fence that you could cut and then make sculptural forms that were kind of futuristic but also low brow. In the dream, I decided to paint whole walls in ink. I used ink as my outline or final design element. I made tagging into an art form it deserves to be. I would also incorporate spray but only in small elements. Then at the end of the dream, I decided it could also work on paper as an art object. I suppose I tend to dream up different approaches. Ink is very messy to clean off surfaces. It creates beautiful blooms when methylated spirits are used. If graffiti artists started using ink for their finished art walls would be incredibly messy which I think would be great unless you wanted to paint a slick artwork. Some guys like ‘This’ are already doing this type of work which I think is definitely the way to go to truly unleash the medium. I just want straight drawing though. I think using spray paint for large dark areas seems sensible. Other than dreaming about it not much will happen for a while as I don’t have any walls I can currently sacrifice to this particular style. I think I will put it on paper first. Graffiti artists have always been cutting fences and I think turning that into art is a good idea going forward. It could look good in a gallery setting.

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