Covid shots and Qi Gong

I have been practising Qi Gong for over three years and it has been quite challenging to do it every day. I do find ways though and it helps a lot. One thing Qi Gong does is create an immune response. It raises your temperature and there are moves that give you, something akin to a fever for example. Over the past two years with Covid being prevalent I have had some short spells of symptoms (on two occassions in two years). Some of these symptoms will last less than an hour and then I feel fine. I haven’t had anything that I haven’t sweated out and felt fine the next day (on four occasions in past two years). I work with a lot of people and I wear a mask wherever I go. So I doubt I have ever had Covid to be honest. Recently all of my family, friends and colleagues have had Covid shots. I told them I wasn’t going to get it. My family got concerned and basically forced the shot on me. I wanted them to feel better about it so I obliged.

I don’t know anyone in my circle of work or friends and family who have had Covid. After getting the shot I found it had a weak immune response compared to some Qi Gong moves. I got a light sweat on while doing Qi Gong after the shot. I had no symptoms from the shot. All I can say is it is hard on your liver and kidney which is why some people complain of hangover symptoms. I found having black goji berry tea settled my liver and kidneys. I suppose some people have a weaker immune system and the Covid shot will help them. The question is for how long and what are the long term costs? You can’t rely on vaccines for an immune response forever. I suppose I look like an idiot not having my wishes respected and having peoples concerns suddenly rule my life choices. My personal opinion is the Covid shots are utter garbage but will most likely help a lot of people at the same time.

I think what really irks me is people don’t want to wear masks anyway and the substandard solutions are vaccines. Prevention is the best way of avoiding Covid in my opinion. I mean who knows I could suddenly get Covid and change my mind now that I have this shot. I feel the jury is still out and yet people jump on their high horses and push this stuff onto people. At least I have had a taste of this vaccine and know from experience. If I have any long term issues or short term issues I will share them eventually. I think a daily dose of Qi Gong will do more for people than this vaccine but that is just my opinion from experience. Wear a mask and take precautions at all times. That applies to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. I am sure nobody will take the precautions necessary and perpetuate this disaster for a few more years at least. All the while blaming everyone else for their problems.

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