Fine teas

Over the past three years, I have been getting into tea culture. Mostly learning about tea types rather than the fine art of tea tasting which is the top level of tea culture. I hope to get into tea tasting but it is quite precise and I am only starting to learn about it now. I would need to get a traditional tea set and some scales to measure the grams of tea to be used. There are different times for steeping tea depending on the body and flavour desired. DIfferent measurements of tea to water ratio and steeping times to consider. Over the past three years, I have been casually brewing day to day blends but I have started to put some of my limited knowledge to the test in little ways. Even small changes in steeping can make a big difference in flavour. I think the biggest mistake I have made with brewing Pu’er tea is steeping it for too long and not transferring it to another vessel. Tea such as Pu’er can be steeped for short periods many times over. It can be transferred to a glass pot to appreciate the colour and clean liquid before being poured. 

For tea tasting, the vessels required are quite small. A teapot would be required to hold 120ml of liquid before being transferred. I hope to learn more and also experience some new teas with a better understanding of how to appreciate them. There is always room to learn.

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