I received the book ‘Art of C.G Jung’ today. It wasn’t exactly what I expected. It is full of images by Jung. There are more landscapes than I expected. I have only browsed through the images and haven’t read the accompanying text. Though after the landscapes there are symbolic works and working drawings. I find the drawings more enlightening and interesting so far than the finished symbolic paintings. I like the landscapes overall depth and moodiness to be attractive. The drawings really capture Jung’s inquisitive and intelligent mind in my opinion. The symbolic work is interesting but some of his patients’ works are more attention grabbing. I think the collection of works are showing Jung’s development as a visual artist rather than a definitive collection of any one period. I am sure the text will enlighten me once I have read it.

My reading of ‘Wildfire’ is ongoing and I have been introduced to the ‘style master’ ‘Kano’ aka ‘Reakt’. He really had a lot of vision and pioneering spirit. I find it interesting that I explored the word ‘Reakt’ a few years ago in some of my own aerosol work. There was a ‘React’ in Sydney who was a new school graffiti writer as well. My own exploration was based on my Rozelle dead train panel ‘Reaktion’ that I painted in 1991. I wanted aggressive letters that were out of my normal repertoire. I did around five works altogether using those letters and it was fun to explore. Recently I tried the letters ‘Eser’ as a play on Es71 an old tag from 91 that I never really pushed that far. It is good to see the original ‘Reakt’ from Adelaide showing explorative flair and I liked how in the book a caption of his said how he wanted to surprise fellow graffiti artists with new styles. That is what me and Zapgalaxy have been trying to do for the past seven years. Although we were always trying to push style since the early nineties.

A lot of Zapgalaxy’s work from the nineties was afro-futuristic anti-style. Too many influences from everywhere. My own work has always been eclectic and influenced by art, popular culture and a lot of disparate graffiti I have seen over the years not to forget google images. I remember searching ‘bacteria’ and viruses on google images and rolling it all into a strange aerosol work. I suppose I thought my own work was special or noteworthy to some degree but it is definitely obscure. I have done a little bit of everything in the graffiti world but never really got on the same level as some masters of the form. The past seven years though have really pushed what I can do with aerosol thanks to the generosity of Zapgalaxy. Yet I can’t really sit on my laurels because I still want to see new work and explore style further and further. The only way to do that is to study different artists and see if I can get close. I still think Frank Stella is unbeatable.

I suppose considering I can’t push my other visual art, the stuff I am always dreaming of. The aerosol work and at times writing, video and poetry at least can outline the overall vision that I am exploring. It is like a mock up of what could be a bigger career full of bigger things. It isn’t that I have given up on my dreams, it is just that I can stay creative and not worry about big money for storage, studio space, materials, collectors, galleries and what not. I create visual work that is temporary, documented, digitised that may or not find a publication. Something that I did recently was order two prints of some of my documented aerosol work and a digital print that were linked together. I thought they would be good framed as a gift for someone. I might start making more prints of what has become ephemera. Not to mention there should be a pamphlet style book of the work done on the Hub in Newtown over the last seven years. That at least is a small celebration of a big effort. We will probably give it away to people who are interested with an option for donations through PayPal.  

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