Ongoing lockdown

The Sydney lockdown has been extended for another month. Construction closed for two weeks and things got slow at work. Now construction is back and things have picked up somewhat. As readers of this blog realise, I was on holiday during the beginning of the lockdown. Managed to get a few jobs done and got called back to work a day early due to a COVID scare. Now that weeks have passed and art stores are closed to the public I thought of getting some supplies online. Unfortunately most items are in bulk and I can’t imagine using bulk supplies. I am almost out of smaller art books which I should be able to get online without bulk pricing but what I need at the moment is the larger papers for finished drawing and painting. I have a spare sketch book from a few years ago that I still have a lot of space in. I might just have to brainstorm ideas rather than any finished work. I can paint though which is good. I have boards but not much space to store them. One of the positives in this ongoing disaster is that I have spent time in my local area. The case numbers are still quite high for the delta variant currently. It could take more than a month to bring the cases down. My weekends are very quiet, mostly I have been catching up on sleep. I did get a long walk in on Sunday which was good. I am not particularly motivated which is strange for me, but it is to be expected.

What I have planned after lockdown is a serious session of large scale drawing. My drawing at the moment is mainly line work. Loops of lines of varying depth mixed with darker lines and negative space. When I was studying at art school I did memory drawings of landscapes that a friend still has. I want to revisit those works though I doubt they will have much in common. The reason being that I plan to enter the Dobell prize next year. I would like to explore drawing and do at least ten works in total. Then I will choose the most successful of them. One of my strong points in art was drawing. I spent years drawing when I was young. Actually, I was always drawing.

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