After winter solstice

I am getting to the last few days of my holiday in lockdown. The weather outside today looks and sounds pretty cold. There is a strong wind blowing through the buildings here. It is a little eerie. There were strong winds and rain last night and I thought there would be a leak for sure but thankfully it didn’t leak. I have been doing my shopping online mostly. Online shopping isn’t good for me normally as I don’t get home after work in the delivery windows available. Seeing that I am at home has made it much easier though it takes days to get deliveries. I bought two books online as well. I bought ‘Wildfire’, a book about graffiti from Adelaide and its origins from ‘Puzle-press’ and ‘Art by C.G Jung’. I have been trying to get books about my main influences and interests. I bought a book about Frank Stella last year and I bought ‘Running Wild’ by Puzle-press earlier in the year. I am looking forward to seeing the origin stories of Adelaide graffiti and also the artwork of Jung. I bought an ebook a few years ago of Jung’s essays and at the end were paintings by his clients. I found them fascinating. Jung made art although he didn’t consider himself an artist. He had a good style of illustration and the paintings are ambiguous. This adds some mystery to the works. What is going to be difficult about getting back to work is the routine. It doesn’t afford me much time in general. I normally have limited windows of time once I am home from work to only do a couple of things then it is off to bed to start the whole process over again. The main reason for this is that I work quite far from where I live. 

I might have to simplify my life a little more and trim a few activities from the time I do have. Although I have nothing pressing to do after my holiday. It would just be painting aerosol work every two weeks and not much else. I can’t see myself doing much writing once I am back at work. Although I would have a couple of opportunities on the weekends to do some  writing. The state government is advising people to stay home. You can go for a walk, although today isn’t the best day for a walk anyway. The lockdown will probably be extended as case numbers are climbing. It seems people are not following the lockdown orders and the state government has tightened the rules around lockdown to only exercise with one other person from the same household. In a way getting back to work will give me a little bit of freedom to move around although being at home at the moment is quite nice. I have been getting a lot of little jobs done that I have put off for months. Also they should be finalised by my last two days of holidays and then I am ahead of the game.

I always feel quite hopeful after the winter solstice as ever so slowly things will get warmer and warmer. It is the yang season if you were to break down the seasons by the solstices. After the summer solstice things slowly get colder and colder. It is incremental which is why I take into account that in the depths of winter there is a turning point that is hopeful. It isn’t that the worst of winter is over but there is something new on the horizon. I got this particular idea from feng shui studies and I never really paid that much attention to the seasons before that. Now I will generally take into account the 24 seasons every few weeks as I study feng shui.

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