Web neutrality and other misconceptions

A lot of investors are going for Bitcoin. I don’t invest myself but people talk of it. Also Ethereum is another digital currency people are excited about. I am skeptical and don’t have that much money to invest anyway. Actually to be honest I don’t have the money at all to do any serious investing. I just invested in a roof over my head and that was it. Even if I wanted to invest it wouldn’t be advisable. If you were to invest in digital currencies some people talk of the resources needed for these platforms. If you consider using the internet at all, it all comes with large overheads of energy. People using Facebook or Insta are just as likely to be burning energy as any Bitcoin investors. Also people criticise large corporations and boycott them all the while ‘feeding’ data centres with their posts about boycotting so and so. A lot of the big targets are the tip of the iceberg. It is the technology that holds the entire web together that is under the surface. Take for example the five big technology companies now, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. Even if all of them are the target, why post about one while using the other? I am not particularly bright myself but I see people on these platforms pointing the finger at any one of the big five tech companies while posting on any one of the big five tech companies. It is more than likely the target is yourself for not knowing what you are doing. Most of these companies have done a lot of groundwork to create this seemingly endless maze where you don’t even realise what you are actually standing on. Or better said they have built the paths and roads of the internet that you stand on which you have no idea that you are standing on. That is how much influence they have. It is invisible to the end user or at least becomes invisible.

That is why the original intention of the internet has been lost. People think neutrality is still there which is why they make these nonsensical posts about whatever they fancy. That was why I kept my own web domains even though I don’t build my sites from the ground up like I did in the past. I want to keep the web a little bit open if I can help it. It doesn’t scream of freedom like it once did because you will literally be using some platform or other. Though I still want a little bit of control over my web presence. This is the main reason people can’t get that neutrality back. They think the big five tech companies are neutral when they feel like it. It doesn’t work that way in the real world or the virtual world.

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