Medication and daily life

I was up the road today to get my medication and do some Tai Ji in the park. I saw a drug deal going down as I left with my prescription. The irony of this situation was pretty clear. I was getting legal drugs developed by a large pharmaceutical company and someone was getting illegal drugs from a smaller lab off the street. The timing was perfect really. My ‘Three short stories’ network around issues of mental illness, hard drugs and the supernatural. I spent some time with an ex-user and ex-dealer a couple of years ago. He was a very intelligent young man and I enjoyed hanging out with him for the time I did. I think the fact that we both had mental issues brought our friendship to an end. I am older and stuck in my ways. Mainly I frown on illegal soft and hard drugs. The fact that I have to take prescription drugs is simply a necessity of having the mental condition I have. I get relief from my medication and can lead a fairly normal life. It is unfortunate that I have to take these drugs for the rest of my life. At least I can get some benefit from Tai Ji and follow the path of internal martial arts. My Master always tries to teach us about Feng Shui and the I Ching to try and fill our minds with more useful teachings than the giant garbage factories of useless information bombarding our lives in this age. I will probably not publish any fiction for a year or so. I would prefer to write social commentary for my next book. I don’t want to get bogged down in academic style or journalistic style writing but just general observations and opinions. More observational, as though painting a picture of a scene that I can see around me. I suppose this effort will only be more garbage but I feel compelled with writing to work things out as I go. Sometimes when I write a book I feel a huge weight come off my shoulders. Or my heart will open. This sounds strange I know but I can then move on to something else. My fiction writing isn’t the best I must admit and I do have a goal to write a certain fiction piece in a few years. I can’t write it now because I need to do a lot more research if I am going to pull it off. I write a book and move on. I hope that I reach my next few goals and at least get to try some new writing styles at the very least. 

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