Just do it or Just blew it?

The sun came out briefly today, the clouds and wind are still dominant. I was thinking of going to get some tofu at the local Asian supermarket in the next few hours. My Mum asked me to come to her house to have some pizza she made, but I told her the lockdown orders were stricter than last week now with all of the new cases. I haven’t wanted to visit anyone anyway because the virus is spreading rapidly. It is the perfect weather for the virus as well. I am not even sure I will get the tofu to be honest. I think the weather will improve tomorrow with partly cloudy conditions, but no rain. I had feng shui studies online last night. I don’t think I will be able to do the next class as I have to work the next day quite early. I have to sit in a cold room of the house to do my video calls for feng shui. I rug up but it is quite cold. I moved my computer out of my daughter’s old room and brought it into the sunroom. It is ok on a Saturday evening as class finishes earlier but the Tuesday class goes pretty late. I might have to move the heater into the sunroom if these classes are ongoing. I suppose the real classes are even harder as they are outdoors but sometimes we will have a fire going. I normally only do a Saturday class as I am in bed early most days. I had bought some very warm pants a few weeks ago, and they make it just that much more bearable.

It is likely things will get much worse before they get any better this year. I hope when I get back to work customers are doing the right thing. People these days get a goal in mind and go in blindly expecting everything to work out just as they wish. They couldn’t care less if they are running a fever or are a little bit sick. They just drive themselves towards their goals. That is the sort of society we are in. Goals oriented. Just get it done at all costs. Not financial costs though, wink wink. Don’t worry about the health costs. Like the Nike ad. Just do it. Well with this kind of attitude we could have ‘just blew it’.

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