Today I have a plan to go for a walk with my daughter a little later this afternoon. My cat decided to vomit all over the floor just a moment ago. Something that popped into my head the other day was how amazing technology has become these days. Yet also how limiting it is at the same time. For example I have a raspberry pi 4 which I am using at the moment that displays 4K with no issue and is so cheap to buy. Yet people will spend up to two thousand dollars on a phone. The phone gives you access to apps like Instagram but desktop high display web applications like Flickr make Instagram look really bad. Sure you can’t carry a desktop computer in your pocket but on the other hand the raspberry pi running Ubuntu desktop is only the size of a credit card. It is the same technology in a different format for different purposes.

Some companies wanted to have a phone that was capable of desktop features if hooked to a larger display but even then devices are normally better when put to one task. One a phone the other a desktop. Maybe these hybrid systems will eventually take off and you can have both a phone and a desktop. One for on the run and one when you get home and have a display. Phones have that kind of power these days which is why the raspberry pi exists. I suppose since I got my new TV which has a 4k display I have seen how my raspberry pi 4 has become quite amazing to use. It cost me $145.00AUD for the device and sure I had to get a large SD card and some cables which came close to $300AUD but even then now I can’t go back. My phone costs a lot more and it is handy but in comparison quite useless. Though they are popular and in everyone’s pockets, apps like Instagram need better features. They need to be able to cast to larger screens at least.

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